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Welcome - About the Forum

Post by DFRACING1 on Sat May 02, 2015 1:32 pm

OnlineGaming was created is September 2009 as part of the very fast growth of Racing123 a league created by David Fidock and Matt harvey.
The league was original used for Console gaming before Daniel lovett brang his expertise into the frame and the league grew fast using Rfactor.
A sim based game using F1 mods to bring racing to life.
The league grew ever more and slowly died away from console gaming. Before updating to another website to cope with the ever growing numbers.

Now onlineGaming is back. And is fully focused with Console gaming only.
The league is going to be focused mainly on F1 and fifa leagues
but will also include clan matches

OnlineGaming welcomes you to the forum, and hopes all your gaming needs are for filled

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